About Us

Our Mission: Here at Farmshack we believe in the simple things, good home cooked food, quality time spent with the family, and love.

We strive to create a family friendly atmosphere with focus on kids. Often is the case that kids are forgotten in restaurants, but here, we let them take full focus. Kids are invited to run free and play out here in the countryside, winding down by the fires grilling marshmallows.Of course, this means that parents are finally able to sit back and relax at dinner time.

We have a passion for food and to deliver high quality meals to all. Service is in our hearts and minds, and you won't leave us without becoming friends, no family, to all of us. Your belly will be full, and your clothes smelling of smoke. Friendly high fives, hugs, and laughter is ever so common out here.

Big Papa:

Our fearless leader and boss. He is the man with the plan, and the mastermind behind it all. A beast in the kitchen and a heart of gold.

The Executive Chef:

Meet him, he is a bit camera shy, but let this sandwhich and thumbs up speak for his face. With precision and a cool calm collected style, he runs the daily ins and outs of this fine kitchen.